Entry #13

What a better way to learn a programming language than to make a game using it?

2010-03-31 15:56:51 by Retribution-X

So yeah, I've not made a post in a long time, although still a daily NG user.
So, I started learning c# a few weeks ago and already I've rushed into the gaming side of things.
It's a really BAD language to learn, I'd much rather learn C++ or VB, but learning c# is currently critical in my college course and I'm just pleased I'm doing something with my life. Anyway...

The game wont be submit to NG, but it'll likely be freeware, like Cavestory. Looking forward to grinding in my own game.

The development team:
+ Anthony: Game Programmer, Game Tester, Producer, Audio Engineer, Composer.
+ Steve: Visual Artist, Writer, Game Tester, Game Designer.
+ Harry: Game Tester
+ Tom: Game Tester.
+ Shane: Game Tester.


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