I feel this is neccasary.

2009-07-24 01:26:06 by Retribution-X

Here's where some of my friends online make sure I'm still alive and such... So I figure a new post is in order since I've made quiet a lot of progress, towards... self satisfaction, I suppose.

Names of my current projects are;
For the love of a certain lady, which should turn out to be a nice Ambient song.
Murder and the chace; which I can't quiet work out what genre it is at the moment.
The third piece I'm working on is just a generic Drum & Bass piece...

.... Oh yes, and over the last few days I've become obsessed with Pip from Southpark, to a point where I went out and bought Great Expectations. Of course, it was later on I found out my parents already had the book.

I feel this is neccasary.


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